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Real Estate & Human Trafficking

100% of Developer's profits will go towards eradicating human trafficking and the sex trade.

Contemporary Boardroom


Freedom Place projects create brand new real estate developments in cities across the world that generate value for all stakeholders, and yet create profits that can be 100% donated towards humanitarian causes.

The Freedom Place office tower is the first-ever billion-dollar office tower to be built with the goal of profits going towards fighting human trafficking. The prime Class A office building will be home to Fortune 500 corporate headquarters and leading companies that require modern, flexible, open spaces and the best amenities in a live-work-play environment.

The project anticipates raising approximately $125 million in profits, 100% to go towards combating human trafficking.


Ben Briggs

Founder and Chairman

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Ben Briggs has been doing international business in Europe and Asia since 2000 with a distinct focus on social impact. Recently, Ben & his team have helped institutional and individual investors close around $300 million worth of real estate assets. In 2004, Ben started a leather factory in China that hired several deaf, handicapped, and Down syndrome employees, and is passionate about using business to benefit the community. More recently, Ben co-founded and helps run the branch of an anti-human trafficking organization working in the red light districts of his city.

Matt Friedman

Board of Trustees

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Matt Friedman is an international human trafficking expert. For decades Matt has worked for the United Nations and the United States on inter-agency teams that link the United Nations system with governments and civil society groups across Asia and establish both domestic and regional human trafficking programs. Matt produced of two award-winning international films about sex trafficking.


Matt is a technical advisor to numerous governments. He is frequently cited in the news media and has been invited to speak at major conferences around the world, and is the author of nine books.

Bill Job

Board of Trustees

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As a business owner in China for over 25 years, Bill and his team have seen tremendous miracles through partnering with the presence of God at work. With a heart to bless his city, Bill uses his businesses as platforms to transform lives. Working with a network of leaders around the world, Bill brings a tremendous passion and experience in seeing transformation happen when you bring God to work. Over the years, his companies have employed many special needs workers, including hearing impaired, physically disabled, and beggars off the streets as well as supporting orphanage and anti-human trafficking efforts in his city.


At Freedom Place, we have a world class office tower, a prime logistics business park, and an urban infill mixed use project all in the development pipeline.

More than ever before in human history


"Human traffickers are earning billions of dollars on the backs and in the beds of our children," says Not My Life film director, Academy Award nominee, Robert Bilheimer, "and yet no one knows this is happening. We have a huge responsibility, right now, to learn the truth and act on it."

The average age in Bombay’s red light district is just 14 years. 2,000,000 sex slaves are trafficked into prostitution every year.

The U.N. estimates that worldwide slavery exceeds 36,000,000 people, more than ever before in human history.


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A Lasting Impact


Each year, the human trafficking industry generates $150 billion worth of profits. Yet annual donations to fight human trafficking only reached $350 million, meaning that only less than 0.1% of the victims are helped each year. Business leaders must step up to the challenge.

On a $600 million real estate development project, we can generate $125 million of profit to go 100% to help charities such as these.



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