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Freedom Place Commences Nationwide Talent Search

$1 billion real estate project aims to donate 100% of profits to fight human trafficking

The Freedom Place World-Class Office project has engaged Halftime Talent Solutions for a nationwide executive search to build a leadership team with both deep talent in office development and strong passion to fight human trafficking.

Halftime Talent Founder and CEO Greg Barnes enthusiastically remarked, "I know there are industry leaders who know all about this type of real estate development with decades of experience, just waiting to join a deeply meaningful and impactful project like Freedom Place."

Above: Concept photo of the Freedom Place project showing a world-class office tower.

Freedom Place is the first of its kind world-class office building where the developer aims to donate 100% of the profits to fight human trafficking. The project aims to raise $150 million in profits in Phase 1.

Human trafficking is a global problem affecting 36 million "modern slaves" trapped in the sex industry and other oppressive businesses. Current global donations total around $350 million , so Freedom Place aims to make a significant impact on that figure.

Above: Experts estimate 7 million victims are trafficked into modern slavery each year. (Matthew Friedman, "Where Were You?: A Profile of Modern Slavery", page 29) Photo credit: USAF SS Barry Loo

Freedom Place Founder and CEO Ben Briggs noted, "Greg and his team are the experts on finding passionate and successful business leaders, and their energy and broad network can help raise the roof on this massive real estate project to help those around us who need a helping hand."

The Halftime Institute was founded following the success of Bob Buford's book Halftime, in which he coaches industry executives at the pinnacle of their careers who are looking for more meaningful ways to use their time and talents in the second half of their life. The Halftime Institute teaches, coaches and connects marketplace leaders to help them discover and engage in their workplaces. In the process, a “Halftimer” learns to surrender to his or her own calling, to live out deep faith in God, to multiply their impact in truly important issues, and to experience lasting joy in community.

Halftime Talent Solutions is a separate business entity working alongside The Halftime Institute to help connect marketplace leaders to deeply meaningful work opportunities. Barnes and team have placed over 200 executives in their decades as executive search professionals.

Above: Concept photo. The Freedom Place world-class office building is expected to cost over $1 billion and raise $150 million to fight human trafficking in its first phase.

The key position Freedom Place is seeking to fill is that of "President and Chief Resource Officer". This position will have distinct autonomy in day-to-day operations of the large-scale office development project for the building estimated at over 1,000,000 square feet of floorspace. The successful candidate will have 20 or 30 years of experience in real estate and office development. He or she will oversee the Freedom Place team of staff to handle architectural firm interface, design, permitting, underwriting, construction, and more.

Millions are trapped today in modern slavery and more are being trafficked each year. Let's use our freedom to bring that same freedom to today's modern slaves.

Above: An estimated 9 million sex slaves are trafficked in red light districts and brothels worldwide. 100% of the Freedom Place real estate project's profits will go to fight trafficking and modern slavery. (Matthew Friedman, "Where Were You?: A Profile of Modern Slavery", page 24)

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