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Financial strategy aims to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for charity

Freedom Place projects create brand-new real estate developments in cities across the world that generate value for all stakeholders, and still create profits that can be 100% donated towards humanitarian causes.

Take for example the Freedom Place office tower, estimated to cost $600 million to build. As developers, the Briggs team will oversee the project from start to finish. An outside equity investment team would provide approximately $200 million, and a financial institution would provide $400 million as a construction loan, as is standard practice for such real estate projects. These capital investors would receive their fees as usual. A separately contracted construction crew would physically build the building, and of course would receive their payment as is standard practice.

The tenants are also a key stakeholder of the building. These Fortune 500 companies would have access to this world-class office building, and their employees and clients would be glad to know that their monthly rent is not just going to line the pockets of a the landlord, but that the development profits from this building actually went to fight human trafficking.

In this way, the building could be leased out and installed to a new landlord, and the developers profits, estimated to be around $125 million, could be 100% donated to charities fighting human trafficking.

"This is a new concept for financing the construction of a large building that is based in standard investment practices, but yet has an inspiring and long-lasting result," said founding partner Ben Briggs.

Freedom Place will be announcing an architectural design competition soon.

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