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Truckers and Human Trafficking

Did you know that truck stops are a major hub for prostitution and human trafficking in the US? Human trafficking, or the illegal movement of people, often for sex or labor, is a $32 billion industry that often goes undetected. While truck stops are not naturally hives of crime, they are, unfortunately, convenient and central locations for traffickers to move throughout the United States.

The Lanier Law Firm in Houston, Texas saw frequent lawsuits related to human trafficking and trucking, so they put together this excellent article here.

As a truck driver, how can I help? Click to read…

There are several red flags that TAT (Truckers Against Trafficking) recommends, including:

  • People who don’t seem to be aware of where they are.

  • These individuals may not be in control of their IDs or passports, even when seeking lodging.

  • People who are not allowed to speak for themselves or look to someone else for consent before speaking. These individuals might be non-English speakers or those who seem very shy or cowed.

  • CB chatter includes things like “commercial companies.”

  • Unexpected flashing lights, which could signal the location of an interested “buyer.”

  • Acknowledgment of a “pimp,” making a quota, or talking about commercial sex.

  • A vehicle that is seemingly out of place by the rest of the trucks, often a van or RV

  • A vehicle that drops someone off at a truck then comes back within a short time–often as little as 15-20 minutes–to pick them up.


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